Awaz News International Bureau’s

United States Office
Name Designation
Rehan Khan Director
USA Office:
1120 Nasa Rd 1, Hoston TX 77058.
Cell: +1-713-352-8535 , +1-832-614-1831
United Kingdom Bureau
Name Designation
Raja Ejaz Ahmed Khan Special Correspondent
Head Quarter Pakistan Bureau
Name Designation
Shahzad Chugtai Senior Analyst
Salik Majeed Senior Anchor
Sami Ahmed Diplomatic Correspondent
Mahnoor Nizami Anchor/Contributor
Danish Contributor
Pakistan Office:
Pakistan: Suite # UF-12 Clifton Shopping Galleria,
Near PSO House Clifton Karachi.  Ph: +92-213-565-3366
Saudia Arabia Bureau
Name Designation
Noor ul Hassan Gujjar Special Correspondent
Afganistan Bureau
Name Designation
Wali Khan Sabawoon Special Correspondent
Shamriz Sabawoon Correspondent
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    AWAZNEWS.TV is a medium of communication to the people across the globe; it performs the role of a true watch-dog of the government and its policies, and holds public officers accountable to the people; by highlighting prevailing social issues.
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