Kimberly Wilson is taking a pro-active approach, trying to address mental wellness at a young age, and she’s doing that through yoga.

“A lot of kids have stress these days like pressure for school and work,” Wilson said.

For about an hour each week before the first bell rings, a group of fourth and fifth grade students are taking that stress and channeling it through yoga.

Wilson is the one who started the program and is a certified yoga instructor and mom. She says she had to do something when she saw the spike in suicides.

“When that happened, or course, as a parent, I’m thinking ‘what can I do to help this problem?’ And I think we’re all searching for answers. I don’t believe that yoga is the answer to this, but I do think it is a tool that we can use.”

While most of the teens over the past few years who died were older than the kids in Wilson’s class, she hopes the classes will act as a proactive approach to mental health, and so far, it seems to be working.

The kids do typical yoga poses, but they also journal and talk about what’s going on in their lives.